Who we are


We are Kaytlin and Caleb. Kayt-leb.

Caleb grew up outside of Seattle in a town fabled for its mountains and cherry pie. He graduated with a degree in journalism from Western Washington University. To his and everyone’s surprise, he capitalised on this degree and has been working as a newspaper reporter ever since.

Kaytlin has trouble answering that “where ya from?” question. Originally from Kansas City (MO and KS), Kaytlin graduated from the Conservatory of theatre arts at Webster University in St. Louis with a degree in Directing. After a short stint in New York, she moved to Seattle in 2011 and worked at the Seattle Repertory Theatre in a variety of positions, from casting to directing to “child wrangler”.

It wasn’t too long after Caleb and Kaytlin met that they hatched a ridiculous and unlikely plan to travel the world, which of course eventually led to booking flights and executing their ridiculous plans. They spent the summer of 2013 driving tour buses in Alaska to save money for the ultimate backpacking trip to Asia and distracted themselves by crafting the following itinerary:

10/2013 through 11/2013: Thailand

11/2013 through 01/2014: Two months doing the fabled “southeast Asia loop” of backpacker lore: Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos.

01/2014 through 02/2014: Myanmar, or Burma to all you colonialists.

02/2014 through 04/2014: India and Nepal.

We plan to give you updates of our travels every week or so, but we fully expect to go days and days without a wireless connection in sight, so be patient with us. If you have a blog or a blog reader please follow us. If you don’t want to get a blog but want updates when we make new posts, you can sign up for email notification from our main page.

We are so excited to share our trip with our friends and family. Thanks for reading.



Hour 6 of 12: Seattle to Taiwan. Upon seeing our inflight meal.


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    • There’s a spot to enter your email on the right hand side. You give us blog envy, Spagie, though we don’t envy having to haul around the laptop. Safe travels and thanks again for planning our Myanmar trip. Stay tuned for pictures of the southeast of the country.

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